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Say it with me: Neh-Koh Day-When
Artist | Varied
United States
Have I really not updated this journal since June?  Yikes.  Sometimes I forget that not everyone follows my constantly updating twitter account, and therefore do not get a daily stream of consciousness from me.  Honestly though, sometimes it's hard to just formulate a concise structure to what's happening in my life to make a journal to begin with!  I could ramble forever on about the minutia of my day-to-day experience, but what good does that do?  Better to actually have something to say.

Well here's a list of some stuff that's happened since last we talked.
:bulletblue: Got a job as a substitute teacher, which I do in addition to my retail job.  I don't like it, but it's the only entry level position in the teaching world.
:bulletblue: Been doing a lot of experimenting in crafting, trying new things and just generally trying to keep myself busy in my down time.
:bulletblue: Ziggy and I had our eight year anniversary in September.  We played board games, it was lovely.
:bulletblue: Actually most of my time is spent playing board games.  I started a gaming group with my brother and we've been holding semi-regular meetings at our house since April.  Been learning a lot about games and game design, while also having a lot of fun playing!
:bulletblue: My dearest friend Katie got married in October, and I was in her wedding!
 photo 397487_10201591721288693_1428370255_n_zps80f95128.jpg
:bulletblue: Lots of knitting!  I actually knit the burgundy sweater in the picture above.  Made them for the whole bridal party.
:bulletblue: Just generally trying to keep busy and stay happy, which is difficult at times but I manage.

I've mentioned it before, but I wanted to make sure everyone here was on the same page about where people can find me, I've left Fur Affinity.  I actually left the site a few months ago, but I figured it was worth noting that you can no longer find me there.  You CAN find me at:
:bulletblue: Twitter
:bulletblue: Tumblr
:bulletblue: Weasyl
And of course you can still find me here.  I'll probably be here for a long while still.

Also, if you don't follow my Scraps, I am going to be posting more there in the future.  So if you want to keep up with everything make sure to check my scraps.

I got tagged by Lunathewhitewolf to answer some questions, so here I go!

1.What is the craziest drawing you have ever done? (link to the picture maybe?)

Uuuuuh...  Hmm that's a tough one.  I'm actually pretty restrained in my art.  I do have this one drawing where Ziggy is riding a zombie giraffe with an eyepatch in a race.  I am not 100% on the context of that one.

2.If you could be a mythical creature what would you be? why?

I think I'd like to be a jackalope.  They're supposed to be pretty smart and capable of mimicking the human voice to outwit people, which I think is kinda neat.  Also, I have an uncle that called me Jackalope.

3.What is the weirdest thing someone had told you?

There have probably been stranger things, but recently an old woman started ranting to me at work that women shouldn't be a part of the work force because it's ruining the economy.  I think she thought I was a dude, because she kept asking me if I agreed while I rang up her stuff.  I resisted the urge to tell her that our entire store that she shops at is staffed by women.

4.If you were in a pool of jello what flavor would it be?


5.If you could visit anywhere in space where would you go? (can be something from a book or show as space is unknown!)

I think it would be really cool to see what's at the center of Jupiter!

6. If you were a viking what would your pillaging name be?

Jack the Terribly Cute One

7. what flavor would you describe your personality as?

Cinnamon Sugar.

8. do you like squirrels? if no, why? WHY!? EVERYONE LOVES SQUIRRELS!! muahahahahahaha!

Yes I do!  They are very cute.  I used to like watching them on my campus.

9.what tarot card represents you the best?

Oh that's a tough one.  I think I could relate to a lot of them, but lately I've been identifying with Temperance.

10.if your thoughts were a color, what color/s would they be?

Cornflower blue!

Well that's it from me, now for some art features!

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Happy Birthday! I missed it, didn't I? I can never remember if it's the 10th or 11th. But judging from the comments below, I'm guessing I got it wrong. Sorry.

At least the package I sent should have gotten to you on time, right? Did it? I hope you didn't move recently. Or the people at the address I have for you can get it to you.

Anyway, happy belated birthday. I hope you get my care package soon if not already. Talk to you soon.
Neko-daewen Apr 11, 2014   General Artist
I got it on my birthday!  It was a lovely surprise, thank you so much!  I'm excited to find projects for all this rad yarn!
Awesome! Can't wait to see what you make.
Hey, it's been too long, how ya been?


Neko-daewen Apr 11, 2014   General Artist
Yeah I've been very busy with work, not so much time for internet.  Thank you!
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